Hardwood or Carpet? Which is Better for Your Floor?

Whether you’re remodeling your home or you’re having a new home built, one of the most important decisions you’re going to be faced with is the wood flooring. Not only is it the surface that you will be walking on, but it adds to the design and style of your space.

When it comes to flooring, two of the most popular options are hardwood and carpet. Trying to decide between the two is a challenge that many homeowners face. Both materials offer distinct advantages, but one tends to stand out on top of the other. If you are faced with this flooring dilemma and you’re having a hard time choosing, consider the following information to make the most informed decision.



There’s no denying that carpeting offers some distinct advantages, which make it an attractive choice for home flooring. It’s quite, it’s comfortable and it can make a room feel warm and cozy. Carpet absorbs sound, which means reduced echoing; it retains heat, which makes adds warmth to a space, and it’s just comfortable to walk on.

There are also some distinct disadvantages to carpeting, and those disadvantages can certainly outweigh the advantages. For one thing, it can go out of style, which means that you have to completely replace your hardwood flooring when you want to update the look of the space. If you need electrical work done give electrician north babylon a call. Another major downside to carpeting is that it is difficult to maintain. It wears down, shows stains and eventually, it just starts to look worn, no matter how well you take care of it. Carpet fibers attract and store allergens and odors. If you suffer from allergies, carpets can be your worst nightmare; and even if you don’t, the odors that build up in those fibers may eventually start to become noticeable and may become irritating.


Hardwood Floors

Like carpeting, hardwood floors offer distinct advantages, and those advantages are many. It offers a timeless look to any space. Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors never go out of style, which means your space will still be as stylish decades down the road as it was the day you laid it. Hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain than carpeting, which is another definite advantage. There aren’t any fibers, which means you don’t have to worry about allergies or smells getting trapped inside, and spills can easily be wiped up without leaving a trace behind. While they can endure scratches and scrapes, and the finish can wear off, all it takes is sanding and long island floor refinishing to restore their original beauty.

On the downside, hardwood flooring doesn’t offer the same warmth as carpeting, and it doesn’t absorb sound. However, adding an area rug over the floors will quickly bring warmth to the space and will aide in absorbing those echoes. Additionally, hardwood flooring tends to be more expensive to install than carpeting; however, considering how long they last and how easy they are to maintain, the extra expense is well worth the investment – and you’ll save money over time. Find out about the amazing chimney sweep league city, that only Master Services can provide.

So, which type of flooring will work better for your home; hardwoods or carpets? Consider this information to help you make the best choice for you and your family. If you do decide to move forward with wood flooring, contact a reputable long island hardwood floor installation company.